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On this site, you can download official European Accident Statement report forms in a variety of languages. Imagine you are on holiday in France, and you have a car accident. You only speak English, but you still need to communicate and record all the accident details with the other party, who perhaps only speaks French. You are desperately trying to point at things in your accident report form, but the other person doesn’t understand the English terms…

This is where Car Travel Docs can offer you some valuable help! Filling in the accident statement report form will be much easier, if you also carry the local language version with you. You don’t need to explain every entry to the other party anymore – you simply give them a form in their own language, and they can start filling it in right away.

We are working hard to provide more languages in the near future. To download click the links on the right or click this link to go to the download page. Be prepared and travel safe!