Siebe Projects is eager to design, write, repair and maintain your new or existing software products.  All software is designed and written with the highest quality because sooner or later, poorly designed and written software will cost you more then doing it once right.

When you work at a start-up, it is important that your proof of concept or first version product works great. Therefor we take great care that when you are attracting investors and customers your product, that we built, will simply work.


We listen carefully to your ideas and together we identify the functionality, define the boundaries and make a simple to understand technical design for your new or existing product.

When you feel comfortable we start development whereby our engineers either adapt and use your development platform or we will introduce our own.

We do development in very short cycles (one day to maximum a week) and after each cycle we inform you of the progress by delivering the latest version. Your feedback during these short development cycles is greatly desired.

After your product has been released we provide full support to maintain and upgrade your product in the future.


We have great respect for people who are determined to realize their ideas. People who dare to put everything aside and build what they believe in. We have a great passion for creativity and we are therefor very eager to help you build what you need.  The more innovative and challenging your idea is, the more passionate we are helping you realize it.